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Best Probiotics for Women

Best Probiotics for Women

In addition to being great for everyone’s digestive health, probiotics are one of the best supplements for women. If you are concerned about urinary or vaginal health, consider a probiotic that helps restore the balance of bacteria... down there.

Why? Because beneficial bacteria are plentiful in the vagina and urinary tract and the more you have, the better.

Good Bacteria Are Essential to Women’s Health

Like in the colon, there is a constant turf war going on in urinary tract and vagina.  The good bacteria are trying to crowd out the bad bacteria. When the bad guys take over, problems can result, including urinary tract infections and candida. 

The most common types of bacteria in this part of the body are those belonging to the Lactobacillus species and Bacillus coagulans strain. All of these bacteria are prolific producers of lactic acid, which helps to keep the pH level of the vagina and urinary tract slightly acidic.

Maintaining a slightly acidic pH level is vitally important for women’s health because yeast and other bad bacteria have a difficult time thriving in an acidic environment.

If we look at women’s health in this context, it’s easy to understand why vaginal and urinary health is a recurring concern for some women. When the pH level is not balanced, it becomes easy for bad bacteria to grow and causes very uncomfortable problems in the vagina or urinary tract.

Antibiotics: Both Hero and Villain

The most common solution conventional doctors prescribe for urinary discomfort is antibiotics. They effectively clear up bad bacteria in the urinary tract, but not without consequences. The problem is that antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, including the good bacteria that produce protective lactic acid.

This can set the stage for an ongoing cycle of discomfort, since fewer bacteria mean that there will be even less lactic acid produced than before taking the medication

To break this cycle, it’s important to support the re-establishment of healthy flora in the gut, vagina, and urinary tract.

What does that mean? It means probiotics are a woman’s best friend! Here are 3 things you can do to keep your bacteria in balance and avoid future issues:

  • Refuel your body daily with probiotic foods, which are naturally rich in lactic acid
  • Reduce or eliminate toxic lifestyle choices that negatively affect gut bacteria, such as douching and overuse of antibacterial cleansers
  • Take a daily probiotic supplement that contains high amounts of lactic acid–producing bacteria. In particular, look for products containing Lactobacillus species and Bacillus coagulans strain.

As the good bacteria grow and produce more lactic acid, the pH of the vaginal and urinary tract will reach its ideal level, reducing the growth of bad bacteria.

This is yet another reason why I believe probiotics are the most essential supplement on the market today. If vaginal and urinary health is a concern for you, I would certainly recommend this approach.

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